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SEO Tips For Web Designers

Web Design, Web Development, Digital Marketing, SEO, Content Marketing - These are some of the most important strategies currently used by marketers, designers, and entrepreneurs to promote their business online. There is no great performance withou…

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How to Know if You’re Hiring a Reputable Web Design Agency?

After the launch of our web development and mobile app development agency, many of you asked us how to know if a web design company can be trusted and what are some of the things that must be kept in mind while hiring a reputable web design agency…

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How to Use LocalStorage in Blogger to Set Cookies?

In our last post we learned the difference between a web cookie and HTML5 Local storage. Now when you are cleared what are the benefits of using HTML5 Local and Session storage methods to store data on a client's browser, lets now learn how to …

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How to Set Cookies In Blogger Using HTML5?

Saving data inside cookies in blogger blogs is probably the most untouched topic because we often avoided talking about internet cookies due to its privacy concerns. There are many cookie plugins available such as this jQuery Plugin by Hartl…

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Colorful Tabs: A JQuery Menu For Blogger

After having published and designed over 100+ Navigation Menus for Blogger, both with horizontal and vertical list view, today we would like to share a beautiful menu that has remained the favorite choice of all MBT clients so far. This menu chan…

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