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Top 10 Popular Bloggers from Nigeria – 2017

Blogging is popular business in Nigeria, especially now that a lot of people have come to realize the great potential it holds for them. Bloggers now take the business of blogging as a fulltime business, and they are making a lot of money just lik…

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Is Blogging on a Celebrity a waste of time?

A Guest Post by Haider Afridi from SkFanClub. One of our most dedicated loyal reader and gold star contributor. Presenting his success story. When a new blogger decides to start blogging, the first thing which hits his mind is " Whic…

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'No Ordinary' Social Sharing & Subscription Widget

This Social subscription widget is made with the aim of promoting and increasing traffic of your blog in various manners. It has the potential to boost your subscribers , Facebook fans and the widget can even make you viral on various social netw…

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How to Transfer Blogger To Wordpress?

Whenever, we think about the history of most productive Blogging platform the first word which clicks our mind is either WordPress or Blogger. Still lots of Well-known bloggers are in doldrums whether to select WordPress, or they should try their …

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