Fairy Tales

An and Nghia

An  and Nghia were woodcutter who used to go in forest together, cut down trees, pulled them out and sold to traders. Days they worked and stayed together made they turned familiar till An got married. An’s wife was a beautiful woman who loved An so…

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Prince and six extraordinary men

Far away in the west located a small and the most mysterious country which gave birth to the most beautiful princess. Her mother was black witch who requested people who came and asked the princess to become their wife to do the most difficult thing…

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Thi Kinh Bodhisattva

A  person had been born times, lived other lives. Each time being born, the person was always a monk or a nut, lived with strong religious belief. She or he had passed nine lives but still   didn’t reach Nirvana. At the tenth, the person was reborn …

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Love in dreams

Once upon a time, a boy named Chu Sinh lived in Hung Hoa. He lost parent when he was child and was taken care of by his uncle. As much as his uncle treated him well, his aunt, on other side, treated him as much as badder. His aunt really hated him t…

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Find mom

Once  upon a time, in a village lived a family, a father, a mom and two children, one son and one daughter. The son, House, is older than the daughter, Rice. He’s five years old and his sister’s three years old. When House was born, his father said …

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